Thursday, December 24, 2009


Galtee Mountains from 'Back Of The Moon'
Just a quick word to say that Fiona Shaw's lecture last night in RTE Radio station was recorded for transmission on St. Stephen's day at 7.02pm. She was both informative and entertaining...amazing! Exercized my brain away from stuffing and mince pies. Well worth the drive up and down to Dublin in dreadful road conditions. She said of art...' a harvesting of emotions.' She also spoke about the use of beautiful words to tell lies rather than the truth... as uttered by our political and clerical leaders etc. This is an hour not to be missed if you like radio.

Mel and Charlie
Anyway I'm off to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol... and might just try making another chocolate log. Look out for Santa and his reindeers in the sky on this magical white Christmas Eve. (I'm sad, I still look!) Spent some time taking photos over last couple of days of the Galtee mountains, that you can see from my house. They are looking good right now!

Superb Galtees

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