Friday, January 8, 2010


Winter Celebration

Hi there! Yes another blog. Writing is addictive...maybe I just don't want to do any housework! Anyway, my washing machine is frozen and so is the gas in my cooker!

Just thrown out the last of my scrumptious chicken and ham pie to feast the giggling bridesmaids of Winter, the birds! (imagine they shoot them and eat them in Italy!) They love it! Bless them! Wow... they are tangoing past the nuts and porridge oats for it...this is amazing! What a testament to my cooking! Saw about six thrushes tap-dancing this morning and are they FAT! Mind you, they were still very light on their feet. Meetings at Weight Watchers or Overeaters Anonymous may require attendance. I get such a kick out of watching birds...they are such comedians. The black-capped pied wagtail stands there like a judge about to pass the death sentence on a sparrow which is sneaking up to rob the last crumb of pastry from under his beak, a dopey crow bounces over like Jethro from 'The Beverly Hillibillies'. ( you young 'uns wouldn't know what I was talking 'bout, but the old critters will!) The chaffinches are prissy and quaint schoolma'ams, while the greenfinches are most definitely the maffia bullies of the outfit!

Where did all the bridesmaids go? ... camera shy I guess!
If I come back as an animal in the next world, I want to come back as a Merlin's owl in the legends of King Arthur... who knows might even become wise next time around. Talking about Merlin and King Arthur, I cannot believe I forgot to put 'Camelot' into my favourite movies. It has to be up there as one of my very, very favourite movies. It stars Vanessa Redgrave (Guinevere) Richard Harris (King Arthur)and Franco Nero (Lancelot). There are three scenes in this movie that just paralyse me. I stop breathing every time I watch them! The sheer beauty of imagery and performance! If you haven't seen this have simply got to check it out!

A couple of nights ago, Emma and myself had the house to ourselves and watched a movie called 'Evening' from the same team that made 'The Hours'....both beautifully-made movies. The film was centred around an old lady in her death bed (Vanessa Redgrave) slipping in and out of consciousness, reliving her life and what she perceived to be the mistakes of that life! I found the film rather depressing, but then so was 'The Hours', but Vanessa was just so old in it. She must be in her 70's now, but is still a very fine actress. It was so realistic that you could almost smell old age and death! It got me thinking about the whole aging process... the process of decay, before breathing stops. Oh shiver... Anyway, let's not go there!

With reference to earlier blog, here is the link to Fiona Shaw's recent lecture, The Michael LittletonMemorial Lecture. I didn't get to hear it on St. Stephen's day. Spent most of the day and night in A & E with Kate.

It's about language and Irish theatre and it's fantastic!

Michael Littleton Memorial Lecture is a most prestigious annual public lecture hosted and broadcast by RTÉ Radio in honour of the station's late Features and Arts Editor. Previous lectures in the series have been delivered by Mary Robinson (2003 - What a lady!), Archbishop Diarmuid Martin (2004), Prof David McConnell (2005), Prof BrendanDrumm (2006) and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (2007).

It's an hour long so get comfy and enjoy. Should really do the ironing...start a 6000 word essay on Jacob Moreno...go to the gym... but hey... I think I'll just start tomorrow!

Wintry Bride

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