Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For the life of me, I can't understand why no-one has come up with a solution for a problem that most of us have to deal with, and some of us more than others! Lost keys! I nearly went demented yesterday, because I lost keys to a car that was only on loan to me, while my car was being repaired. I was leaving the house to go into my drama classes for 4. No keys! No neighbours in sight to cadge a lift, had to wait half an hour for taxi. Driver, a very nice man, but 20 mph...come on! I arrived, finally at the hall 4.45pm in an awful state, aware that parents would not be best pleased. Not only that, I had to be in Clonmel for 9pm for a production meeting. Thought about my daughter's boyfriend and thankfully, he lent me his car and I promised him faithfully that I would not let his keys out of my sight. I was sifting through ashes at 1am this morning, I just couldn't rest. It was a 'Hard Day's Night!' Rang the Volkswagen dealers at 9am this morning to order another key, in the hope that I wouldn't have to involve the garage dealer that had kindly lent me the car in the first place. Anyway there was all this paraphenalia about log book, verifications of all sorts and it was going to cost 180 euros and would take 5 days. I had no choice but to ring the dealer. Although he is a friend for years, I still felt like a real chump, but bless him he was very sweet, and said to leave it another day and suggested that one of my dogs might have snapped them up and left them somewhere. Anyway they turned up almost 24hrs later by my music shelf that I had visited just before attempting to leave yesterday. Quell' idiote!

How about we ring a specific number allocated to our keys on our mobile phone, that would somehow trigger (and I'm not the technician here!) a musical response. Keys would then be located, particularly if mislaid around the house or workspace. Easy-peasy! Come on some nerdy, beautiful person! Invent a musical key that would banish one of the bains of existence... please!

Anyway, in real terms it was only a small thing, but I was concerned about the youngsters waiting outside a hall... cold! Today and calmer I remembered words of Mother Teresa that helped to bring things into perspective:

We can do no great things,
Only small things
With great

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