Thursday, April 1, 2010


My goodness, why are so many people hung up about sex? The market is flooded with magazines like Cosmopolitan and countless others bombarding readers, month after month, on how to give better oral sex, how to achieve multiple orgasms, how to find the 'G' spot (or is it the X spot now?) etc... (yawn) ... etc... (yawn) ... etc. as if it is some kind of fashion statement and the be all and end all. Pop videos, movies, tabloid newpapers and advertising have become more and more overtly sexual, leaving very little to the imagination. Gone are the films where one might see a suggestive trail of shoes and outer garments leading presumably towards the bedroom and the act of sexual intercourse, without recourse to yes... yes...YES!
Inspite of a post-modern openess around the whole area of sex, sex education in our schools, and the sexploitation of the media, our beliefs and ideas about our own sexuality seem to be even more repressed. Has the whole re-alignment of gender role-play a part to lay in this? Men are staying at home more and more to keep house and take care of the children, while women go out to work to pay the mortgage etc. When I worked in Rolls Royce in England (which granted was back in the late 70's) paying the monthly salaries, I was quite amazed by the number of men, who died shortly after retirement. A close friend of mine, an alcoholic in recovery for fourteen years dealt with his father's death from Multiple Scelerosis, his mother's suicide, but when he was let go from his job, he hit the booze hard again and died, sadly, shortly afterwards.
There is so much pressure on women today to be a perfect size 8/10, an amazing cook and a goddess in the bedroom. Men worry about the size of their penis, achieving an erection, premature ejaculation etc. etc. And why? Because it is being rammed down our throats from dawn to dusk, and sometimes in the least expected places! It serves to repress our sexuality rather than liberate it! Who said you have to be an expert? Whatever happened to the thrill and anticipation of sexual exploration and experimentation between consenting adults whose genuine desire is to please and have fun. Our sexuality is more than the act of sex. Our sexuality, like our DNA pervades our existence, our being, our creativity and our actions... it is part of who we are... a gift... a beautiful and mysterious gift!
Tiger Woods had sex with several women apart from his wife. OK , he signed up to be faithful to one woman, so I guess he broke the terms of the contract. Big deal! He didn't rob a bank (not like the two robbing bankers, Sean Fizpatrick and Michael Fingleton who cost this country 28 Billion Euros) or defraud anyone. He didn't murder anyone. So why has he felt the need to hide away in the darkness? Whatever happened was between him and his wife, and should have been left that way. Last night the Taoiseach's voice floated into the room in which I was working. Did I hear him correctly? Did I really hear him say, that he didn't have to answer to ANYONE. Surely I was dreaming. Sadly, it would appear not! So the leader of this Irish government that was elected by the electorate of this country, believes he doesn't have to answer to us, the taxpayers that keep him in guinness and ciggies. He and his inept cabinet have brought this country to the brink of destruction! It reads better than any farce that Dario Fo would have penned.
All I have to say Tiger is, that if the Taoiseach of this country, Brian Cowen thinks he doesn't have to answer to us, then you get out there at the US Masters with your head held high. You REALLY don't have to answer to us. Just tell the begrudgers to FECK OFF!
Oh, by the way, you are much easier on the eyes than B.C. esquire!

Ciao for now!
ps. This computer just gets weirder and weirder. Can't sort out spaces between paragraphs now. There must be a gremlin in there. Or is just a case of ' a poor workman blaming his tools!' (Oops pun genuinely unintended!)
By the way talking of darkness ... Read today that dark chocolate, at least, does have 'substance' after all! According to German Research on almost 20,000 people over the last 10 years, 7.5 gms a day helps beat strokes and high blood pressure. In that case I should live to at least 150 then, the amount of white, milk, fruit and nut AND dark chocolate I eat! Me a chocoholic... what makes you think that?

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