Saturday, May 8, 2010


Try saying that after copious amounts of wine! Hurray, I can blog again! Two reasons for not blogging. Up to my tonsils in 'Oklahoma', which ends an extremely successful run tonight (Was there a bank holiday last week-end?) after about two weeks of four to five hours sleep a night ... and the other, which nearly drove me spare altogether .... new post box coming up ok, but just couldn't write in the darn thing! Perhaps it was just as well I couldn't write ... mightn't have got any sleep at all! Did the usual things like clicking onto the 'help' forum etc.etc. yawn feckin' yawn. Eventually found 'Nite-cruiser' or some such link which advised emptying 'my cache'! ... 'my cookies' ...??????

How did 'biscuits' and 'secret hoards' of money suddenly become part of the technological mystique! Being the absolute technophobic simpleton that I am, the childlike TV Video switched on in my brain. Suddenly my computer was 'chockablocka' with McVities' chocolate chip cookies screaming to be liberated! I thought back to when I thought cats married dogs, and that the 'Flower-pot Men' were really inside our TV! Oh ... and viruses... that's another great one. Do computers suffer from influenza and gastro-entiritis like we humans? I wish I could just ignore it all and just get on with the act of living and writing, and not concern myself with such trite details, like putting oil and petrol in the car, or clearing my cache of cookies (I even find it hard to write that, without a titter or two) Like the 'tooth fairy', Easter bunny and Santa, why aren't there 'clear the cache of cookies' fairies and 'put in petrol and oil' fairies? I suppose if I were rich or part of the royal family, someone might be paid to do those tedious tasks for me. After all, if I'm not mistaken, Prince Charles has someone standing close at hand to hold his toothbrush and wipe his ass with his favourite toilet paper (think its quilted for extra softness ... avoids chafing ... more pleasure whilst riding ... bless him!)

No... not even I, would stoop that low. Anyway, I've cleared my cache of cookies ... wish I could write that, the way I'm saying it to myself, in a real broad Yorkshire accent (sounds really sexy!) ... and I'm just raring to go. Started a blog about May about the 30th April...Better get cracking, or May will be June!

Oh and by the way, that is me on the National Lottery Sweepstakes Advertisement avec un cheval. (Horse). He was just the most beguiling dinner date... all toothy smiles and the most marvellous listener!

Ciao for now

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