Monday, June 7, 2010


The Kinks

The Kinks were a favourite band of mine during the 60's. Thought they were cool! I was reminded of them and their lyrics yesterday ... 'Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.' It is Sunday ...Whit weekend ... sun is shining ... lazing, collecting wild flowers, drinking tea, eating apple pie and cream in the garden, catching, and having my photo taken, holding my first chicken (Alive, I hasten to add complete with feathers and 'nosy neighbour' cluck). Lying in the grass I drifted into my own world. Outside voices receded; enveloped by Nature's inbuilt surround sound system, I followed the strains of a misfortunate, misunderstood and much-maligned blue-bottle.


If I stood on rainbowed wings,
Would your blueness stain my feet?
If I painted words of black with blue,
Would you trust ... and show me ... You?

I do not understand your song ...
But I long ... I long
To share your mind, your eyes... where an echo ends;
Bathed in sapphire,
Lit by you.

Maureen Walsh 6/6/2010 ©

Blue-bottles first became a source of interest to me about three or four years ago, whilst sitting in the empty church on the isle of Inismahon. Apart from the fact that I like mostly to be inside any church when its devoid of preacher and flock, there was a particular pervading stillness and calmness about this church ... that morning. A very attentive, hypnotic version of Jesus looked out at me from a glorious stain-glassed window. My attention to the fostering eyes and hands of the King of the Jews, was diverted to an extremely distracted blue-bottle. His persistent approaches into my space, and the fact that his chatter was the only sound in the place, commanded more scrutiny. The more I looked and listened, the more I was convinced he was trying to tell me something ... to show me something. He knew things ... things I would never know! After all I don't understand blue-bottle ...his language. It will probably all remain a mystery!

Lazing on A Sunday Afternoon! Ah ... !

Ciao for now!

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