Friday, September 24, 2010



By all means, you may pop over, Mr. W,
But don't expect me to smile right now.
You see, its in the knowing, not knowing, yet not knowing enough,
That confirms the knowing of what I know not.
Does that make sense Mr. W?

Oh, so its not a smile you sought at all, Mr. W,
Merely a crumb from my blueberry scone.
You see, if I could just freeze forever, the joy of that first glance,
I might avoid the prodding prongs of analysis.
Do you  know what I mean, Mr. W?

So, you thought you'd check out my perplexion, Mr W,
And, while you were at it, take a snack.
You see, if I could thin out the overcrowding, the slight touch of Stendhal,
I might remove ME from the brink of unkempt tears.
Are you with me so far, Mr W?

Oh I don't blame you, one scrap, for moving on, Mr. W,
Quite plainly, the chap next bench, has an apple.
You see, if I talked less, and watched ... listened more,
I just know, I'd know more about more!
You're nodding your head, aren't you, Mr. W?

Maureen Walsh   24 Sept. 2010  ©

Inspired by my visit to the 'Muraqqa Exhibition' in the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, earlier today. The exhibition runs until October 3rd.

Ciao for now!


Trish said...

Your amazing with words Maureen X

steviewren said...

lol Just like a man to fall asleep when we are pouring our heart out to him!

Your poem is beautifully written and full of longing.

Anonymous said...

I am utterly fascinated by, and extremely grateful for any reaction to my writing, and 'Mr W' is no exception. When I sat chatting to this chirpy, cheepy chappie last Friday, ROMANCE, in its strictest sense, was NOT an iceberg, floating in my consciousness. I was bemoaning my inability to take in the wonders housed in the magnificent Chester Beatty Library. Somehow, with the certain knowledge of fastly advancing years, there doesn't seem to be enough time to delve into all the nuances, or take a turn off the main road to trundle along dusty side roads. And how I would love to turn off that button of analysis now and then, and just accept and wallow in the joy of that first glance; the first gasp!

Emma said...

Powerful.......this is a different style for you - I really like it!