Monday, November 22, 2010


     John Gormley - Leader of Green Party

So the Green Party have finally decided to show their YELLOW bellies and abandon ship! John Gormley, their leader came out today to say that his party would pull out of a coalition Government with their  brothers of the Fianna Fail party, once the Budget was passed through the Dail on December 7th. He stressed that the reason for not pulling out before the Budget, was because they were putting the country before party politics. Oh yeah right! Does he really think that the people of this country are that stupid? Come on, they got wind of the fact that Fianna Fail backbenchers are at the point of mutiny!!! If the Green Party were really that bothered about the people of this island, they would have removed themselves from Government last October 2009, when the sheer volume of the disastrous mismanagement of this country's finances became unavoidably conclusive.

There were all sorts of discussions going on today about putting the country first by pushing ahead with the Budget in December; that we can't keep the IMF waiting while we hold a general election; that we shall be the laughing stock of Europe etc. etc. Fianna Failers seem to be under the misapprehension that by replacing Brian Cowen as leader, with Michael Martin, Mary Hanafin or Brian Lenehan, the very REAL disquiet felt throughout this country will be miraculously healed. Sorry lads! Absolutely too late for that boys and girls!

I heard a member of Fianna Fail being interviewed from Brussels on RTE Radio today, who said people should stop playing the blame game and that the Government should be allowed to get on with sorting out our financial mess; that this was gone way beyond party politics, and that Fine Gael and the Labour Party were being opportunistic. I found myself agreeing with him to a certain degree. I do not really believe that the present financial disaster will be any easier to rectify, should a coalition of Fine Gael and the Labour Party win the next general election. But that is not the POINT anymore!

When we are ill, we seek the help of the medical profession, who have sworn the hippocratic oath to practice medicine ethically, which, one would think, should include a sympathetic bedside manner, and an overt willingness to explain the diagnosis and prognosis to each and every individual patient, irrespective of age, gender, race, creed or economic circumstance. Referring back to a blog from April re. Tiger Woods and his apology to the world for his infidelity (which I thought was completely unnecessary) and  my absolute horror at hearing our Taoiseach, Brian Cowen making a statement in the Dail, on the very same evening, saying that he didn't have to answer to ANYONE, should have been enough to set alarm bells going off in every home in this country!

This man, our Taoiseach and his merry band of men are about to administer bitter pills with the most serious side effects for all of us to swallow in the forthcoming Budget, without anything that remotely resembles an adequate bedside manner or even a willingness to listen to the wishes of the people that they represent.

Brian Cowen and the Fianna Fail party have to go! Over the last 12 years in Government, they have completely lost touch with the voters, and what's more, they don't even try to pretend anymore! Someone referred to the parliamentary party as being 'infected' by the likes of Haughey and Aherne earlier today. Perhaps, more than a hint of truth in that statement methinks! I do believe this Government could have turned this whole thing around if they had taken their fair share of the medicine themselves, by curbing all unnecessary and frivolous expense at a time when people were losing their homes and their livelihoods, and had told the truth from the start about the financial chaos, which was largely brought about by relatively under-supervised and unethical Banking.

There should be a general election NOW. What is the sense of a Budget and a Four Year Plan being passed through the Dail by a Government that are not going to remain in power beyond January 2011 anyway. That would definitely make us the laughing stock of Europe!

This Government have behaved like frightened rabbits and head-burying ostriches, rather than roaring felines of the supposed 'Golden Celtic Tiger Age'. There will be no phoenix rising from the ashes of this Government! Like lambs to the slaughter, the Fianna Fail Party will be blown out of the water at the next general election by voters who are baying for blood. Those who are lucky enough to hang onto a personal vote by the skin of their teeth, will be glad of a seat on the opposition benches, where they can regroup and hopefully mature into a political party of a 21st Century Europe, away from the politically irrelevant umbrella of civil war mentality.

Colours of white and blue; red, green or YELLOW are no longer relevant in 21st Century global politics unless they include the TRUE COLOURS of political and sociological humanitarianism.

Cyndi Lauper's version of TRUE COLOURS:

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