Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Over Christmas, a friend of mine handed me a box set of Dexter to watch, and made me promise to stay with the first three episodes at least, fully convinced that I wouldn't be able to resist the remaining episodes. Holy smoke, she was so right. Talk about family bonding sessions! This was the first Christmas in years, that there was just the four of us. No boyfriends or extended family. My friend left two seasons of 12 episodes each. So blown away were we by plot, characters and script, that we purchased seasons 3 & 4. We were hooked! I particularly love the opening and its music. Take a listen.

Dexter is a Blood Spatter Analyst with Miami Metro Police Department, who moonlights as a serial killer, but only goes for the bad guys; the ones that have somehow beat the legal system and got away with their heinous crime of murder. I am not going to give the game away by saying too much, but suffice to say that it is addictive viewing, and that is coming from someone, who is not really a TV person. However, I watched more TV this Christmas, than probably the last twenty put together. The characters in this drama series are so well-defined, and yet continue to evolve and adapt convincingly... always fresh and dynamic. This might well be due to the fact, that there are a team of writers and directors working on each series.The performances of  Dexter and his sister Debra (married to each other off-screen) are simply breathtaking! It is a long time since I have seen such a rich array of quality performances from a group of actors. One of the most remarkable things about this series, is that Dexter feels like the 'Good Guy' (well at least in our household) even though he is a serious serial killer. Perceptions of right and wrong; good and evil etc are turned upside down and inside out, and give rise to the suggestion that there might be a killer instinct in all of us, given the right circumstances. Apparently series 5 can be 'streamed' online and filming of series 6 starts in September. After watching 48 episodes in less than 2 weeks, I'm just about 'Dextered out!|' Inspite of our intense 'Dextering', we managed to spend New Year's Day in Lahinch and my oldest daughter's fancy dress birthday party. Some pics and a wee poem.

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Demerara Sugar

How wonderful to have our eyes and an ever-changing LIGHT that works to please, by re-inventing  things!
Sand becomes demerara sugar!

Dog-Haired Dunes


Take me there, lay me there,
Kiss my lips with sand.
Wipe away the streams of salt,
With soft, but sturdy hand.

Be quiet there, be some place there.

Maureen Walsh - Jan 2011©

Love This

Hey Mind My Hat!

After sufing, walking etc, we had lunch in Kenny's bar. Kitchen fully upgraded etc. and food as delicious as ever. Lahinch is not a walk on the wild side as far as shops, restaurants or entertainment are concerned. It is a place where the beauty of the ocean and surrounding landscape still take centre-stage.

Out Of The Mouths of Babes .....

Hey What Time Does Dexter Start?

Almost dark and about to head home. One more look at the Main Street. Still quite a few humans about, but the birds of the area sense their time to BE is about to begin! 

My Favourite Garage

Anyone would think I loved Lahinch and the ocean!

Charlie Chaplin & Co


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Jasmine said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day out. I love your poem and photo's of the sea side.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the sand as demerara sugar, it does sometimes get exactly that texture, doesn't it? Amazing! I've never watched Dexter...

Maureen Walsh said...

I suppose after Christmas baking and Irish coffees, idea of demerara sugar fixed in my imagination, and am fascinated by both ocean and mountains. I live close to the Galtee Mountains and never ever tire of them, but Tipperary is quite inland,and miss the ocean terribly, particularly when its against a backdrop of cliffs. Crete, which is a favourite Greek island of mine has two ranges of mountains which divide the island. On the West coast of Crete however, there is a huge expanse of flat lands running along the seashore, which I don't particularly like and I feel strangely depressed there. Perhaps the flatness allows me to see too at one time!