Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Chicago - The Musical

If you take the odd peek at my blog now and then, you will surely have ascertained, that music is one of the great loves of my life. When I'm asked what my favourite genre of music is, I might say classical, rock, soul music, opera; depending on the mood I'm in. ( I've always had a problem getting the whole classification within the arts thing: classical, romantic, baroque, postmodern, postcolonial, expressionistic, surreal, impressionistic, and then more lately with contemporary music:  futuristic, garage, R & B, hip-hop, punk, rap, folk/rock, traditional, etc; the list is endless! I suppose the chronological classifications are easy enough to follow, but try as I may the definitive line between the genres or types  remains somewhat confusing!)  I would certainly never have said Jazz music was up there as one of my favourites. But that all changed recently at a dinner party. Whilst enjoying the wonderful conversation of much-loved friends, eating delicious food, watching the sun go down over the city of Cork from the heights of Sunday's Well, that night I was introduced to, and shook the hand of Jazz! Yes I'd heard some of the traditional exponents of Jazz before, like Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald to name just two, but this was a whole different ball game. 

                    Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

This was Dave Brubeck playing 'In Their Own Sweet Way' with his sons, Chris, Dan, Darius and Matthew. Wow! Yurodny playing 'Evenset', John Zorn featuring Erik Friedlander Film Music X1X - 'The Rain Horse', 'Book of Angels' Vol. 10. The music was atmospheric, terrific, thought-provoking, and at the same time inspired and supported a steady flowing conversation. Whilst sitting there, the jazz progressions enabled me, to float away from the candle-lit table for a few moments, to gather a silent movie reel of touching hands, half-filled mouths chewing and talking, heads tossed back in laughter, eyes filled with the sparkle of new love, people reaching out in friendship. I have heard people talk about out of body experiences, but this was quite extraordinary!

It was one of the most pleasant evenings I had spent in some time. The fact that my car broke down on the way back from Cork, did not interfere with the lingering chords of music and laughter that were still playing in my head and warming my heart, as I waited for the AA Man in the cold of early morning.

In my work with children, I often use music as a starting point for exploration, as it seems to block out the nagging voices of negative uncertainty. I've introduced them to many different types of music, and lately, even JAZZ. We are jazz-suckling infants together!

This has been a week of major decision-making; a week that I have tried to make sense of, but just as Jazz music never used to make sense to me either, I realize that at this moment everything is perfect. Everything is just as it should!

Not jazz music, but music for love and dancing! And if you enjoy that, there is a link to 'I Love You Just The Way You Are'. The late, great Barry White!

Ciao for now!

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Everything IS as it should be!!!