Sunday, March 6, 2011



Yes I know...
Know what?
What you mean!
Didn't think you were listening.
Don't I always?
Well I suppose....
Well that depends on how you look at it.
Look at what?
Your frame of mind ....
Crikey ... not another philosophical breakfast!
Why this morning, didn't you sleep well?
Are you saying that I'm normally a superficial tool?
Jesus, think you should hop back inbetween the sheets!
Couldn't you just get off my case ... just for ONCE!
But you don't normally start until you've sunk your second coffee.
What ... you checking every move I make now?
You know it's not like that!
It sure as hell feels I can't make a fucking move without you!
Well there's not an awful lot I can do about that, now is there?
I'm chained to you;
Not my idea;
Sort of happened over a few decades or so.
Yes, well I thought you'd have some sort of understanding after all these years.
You don't even understand yourself!
Maybe, but you're driving me crazy in the process.
First thing, at least, let there be a stillness!
Hey, I do try,
It's not easy!
Well maybe you should be prepared to settle;
It just gets too bloody busy in here!
Anyway, you're going to be late!
Yes I know,
Getting my ass into gear!
Dreams .... have a lot to answer for!

Took a spin over to Annestown of County Waterford yesterday, to sea-watch . A very quiet ghostly-grey Saturday. Perhaps a post-election Saturday! Was re-introduced to Bohemian composer/conductor Gustav Mahler's music recently, and whilst listening to the fourth movement (Adagietto) of his fifth symphony and looking out across Anne's frilly petticoats, the above flotsam and jetsam drifted in to the shores of my thinking.

Check out this clip under the baton of  the prolific conductor, Austrian Herbert Von Karajan. Quite stunning!

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