Saturday, May 7, 2011

THE LIVING YEARS - A Boy, his Dog and His Father

Sometimes, wires get crossed. Dads think they have to be tough with their little 'men', because they figure ....that's how it's done! Little 'men' who would really prefer to be little 'boys' can be sensitve, fearful and affectionate in the company and in the caring of their own dog. It is directly comparable to the unqualified love of a mother for her children. 


You know how I think.

You think I'm clever
Inspite of my '10 out of 20'.
You are at my heel
Even though you'd eat the winning post.
You see me as your leader
For direction and inspiration.
You are my only visitor
When forced into frosty cell of silence.
You are my audience
When no one else listens.
You're willing to be lost
Even though you've walked the walk.
You applaud with a bark
When I sing loudly, off key.
You swim in my joy,
My 'boldness' by the 'Others'. 
My guardian angel
When I'm scared in the dark
Your 'Good Morning' lick ...
I didn't DIE in my sleep!
You wait while I do school stuff
'It has to be done!' roar the 'Others'
You wander into their world
But you LIVE in mine with me!
Not taken in by coffee-talking trivia
Neither I, by 3 + 4 or 3 x 3.
While you're in THAT world
And I'm in THIS;
You're setting the mainsail,
As I charter the course.
You're hearing the bell
As I close up the books.
You hear the gate clicking
And your captain is returned.
Its just 1 + 1 now,
Shoulders squared against wind.
Legends for the making,
Epic battles to be fought.
Its just 1 + 1 now.

I know how you think.

Maureen Walsh - 2011


There's a child in all of us, even our dads who feel they have to be 'tough' for us all!

Check out this song by Mike and the Mechanics. Mike Rutherford of Genesis fame! THE LIVING YEARS

Ciao for now!

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Emma said...

That poem is stunning! I am incredibly moved!! In The Guildhall library with tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat glowing with pride am I! You are a wasted woman if you do not publish these jewels!!!