Thursday, June 23, 2011




(Tongue-twister of Dublin origin .... I think!!!)

My brother-in-law teases me with the recent addition to his family; the acquisition of four chickens. He knows that I have craved chickens since I got married. He even cleaned out a pigsty for me during one of his lengthy stays at our first home; a farmhouse in Betchton, Sandbach in Cheshire, more than thirty years ago. Well I have gone one better than you in this foul, fowl race, Jimmy my boy! We, now have our own pet pheasant, that we have called Phil. Phil arrived at our house a couple of months ago, and has become increasingly relaxed around us; so much so that he now comes up to the kitchen patio door twice a day to be fed. As he eats the wild bird seed that we scatter, he utters the most glorious sound of contentment, rather like a pidgeon cooing; a cat purring; a lamb's tail wagging as it suckles its mother; the wiggling of a baby's toes as it gorges on bottle or breast.


I didn't win the award for Best Director on Saturday night ... sadly! I say sadly, because by the time Saturday evening had arrived, I really was hoping that my name would be on the inside of that envelope. I hadn't thought about nominations or awards as far as my directing was concerned, until they were announced and  then, human nature being what it is, the word, 'possibility' and the desire to win sneaked in. However, a marvellous evening was had by all, and my daughter, Emma had flown in from London to support along with 35 members of St. Mary's Choral Society. I extend my heartiest congratulations to Ruth Butler, who won her award for Best Programme, and Diarmuid Vaughan, who won his extremely well-deserved award for Best Male Actor in the role of Judas.

Emma and Edwin

After a rather late night, we travelled the long way home, the following day, via the Gap of Dunloe. It is quite stunning, and will definitely return with my hiking boots sometime soon. I found myself wondering why I had never been to this place before, given the amount of times I have visited Co. Kerry. I thought about Kerry being referred to as the 'Kingdom', and right there in the midst of the Mcgillycuddy Reeks, I felt a real sense of being in the presence of kings; a monarchy of legends and heroes.

River Horse God

Just three pics from the Gap of Dunloe. I particularly love the last one. I am fascinated by the reflections created by light on water. Below a couple of pics from the big night itself!

And The Winner is .......!

Mr. Oliver Hurley(centre) for his production of Amateur Premier Michael Collins
(Forget the faces .... just look at what the hands are saying!!!)

I didn't win the overall award,  and I am by no means a Pheasant Plucker, but I sure did have a great weekend, and I suppose I could have been called a pleasant f--k-r ... if you were drunk enough!


Ciao for Now!

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Caitriona Kenny said...

Hey Maureen - you took really beautiful photos and you look relaxed and stunning in the last one of you sitting on the tree log.
Competitions are designed to throw you into your mind - unwillingly your feel the emotions of am I good enough? What if, excitement, fear, nervousness, pride etc....
I like this quote by Elbert Hubbard - "Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed -- there's so little competition."
Can't wait to see your next creation
Caitriona xx