Saturday, September 24, 2011



They are screaming 'let go'!
He does hear it ...
His brain computes it,
And God, how he is trying ...
To follow the path ...
Born of youth, years ago.
His resolve is steeloid ... mostly.
Head down ... senses reasoned.
But when the wind subdues a ticking head
And the ocean kickstarts stodgy heart,
Resolve teeters on the brink of dissolution.
And the unexpected is all it takes 
To feed the killer rocks below.
He smells their hunger;
He hears their laughter.
But, today, just today,
He's not courting lies;
Not sharing their jokes.
From the cliff edge he erupts:
'Today, I hold on ...
I'm not letting go!'

Maureen Walsh  -  September 2011

Lovely wind again tonight! Love, love, love it! Almost as good as 'letting go' of anger, resentment and the disappointment of wasted opportunities!


Ciao for now


Anonymous said...

A very hopeful and touching poem :)

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

I like the sentiment of this poem.