Saturday, October 8, 2011



Your hand reaches out to someone beyond me.
A date you'd arranged years ago? 
Perhaps an old love;
Their madness forgiven. 

As your ribcage rises for that final sigh,

And your days of crazy are ended.
The voyage you have lived for,
In death now, begins.

I miss your crazy, when I'm in my own.
I should have asked more questions. 
You birthed me, then you nagged:
'It's late love, just go home!'

I wanted to walk; see you safely onboard;
To tell them that you hate to drive too fast.
I dearly hope they KNOW you.
I wish that I KNEW more.

Maureen Walsh  -  October 2011

I heard this song by Kate Melua on the radio the other day, while I was arranging flowers for James and Melanie's wedding, yesterday. I had forgotten how much I like it!

The older I get, the more I think we are all more than a little crazy! The older I get, the more I realize that rationale is a fool!

Ciao for now


The Cello Strings said...

hopefully, you can learn more...

awesome piece of writing.

tinkwelborn said...

this is a good poem. stark, real, and not that all 'crazy'

I think Jung has 'proved' beyond reason, that the irrational is real.

the speaker is going through the throes...and I can feel it. thanks.

jennifaye said...

not crazy at all. i love this piece. very dark, powerful words you have here.

Anonymous said...

Very haunting, thank you for sharing!

Darryl Davis said...

Bittersweet but enjoyable, much like a warm chocolate chip cookie on a cold day

Traci B said...

Definitely a haunting piece. I can't say I enjoyed it per se, but I do appreciate the strength of emotion it conveys.