Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Silver sand-wormed rocks,
Trapped in the stench of stagnant;
Appreciate the strains of wings and wind.
But bereft of distant whitening waves,
They smile still, in their abundance of neglect.
The hope of lunar intervention abides 
That yet might change the orchestration.
So that a rising tide from Venus' baton
May swell these porous, almost forgotten
With breathy, bubbling, boiling pride
To hum, to sing, to laugh, to whistle ...
To love with you as you live YOUR SONG.

Maureen Walsh  -  October 2011

And talking about songs and arias. This is sheer magic! Angela Gheorgiu singing Depuis le Jour from the opera Louise by Charpentier. Even if you're not an opera buff, you will appreciate the gorgeous melody and divine singing from one of the world's greatest living sopranos. Please give it a whirl and click on the link below.

Ciao for now!


Heaven said...

you write your song beautifully ~

happy to follow you too~

Morning said...

lovely song.

JANU said...