Friday, November 18, 2011


'A cigarette?' he said looking into her eyes. She couldn't bear another second of his concern and sank down onto the cold, wet cement steps in front of the theatre. She wanted to avoid his blue kindness, but missed it instantly, and then hoped ... hoped that she wouldn't have to watch him walk away through grey drizzling rain, because she had disappointed again. She dare not look up, and leaning over to fiddle with the zip of her boot, she was met by the chiding glare of a ginger cat, that lived on the wall, opposite. 'What ...have I disappointed you too?' she thought. 'If only I could behave like a woman ... a grown up woman! At what point does the girl or boy become Adam and Eve?' His soft breathing floated gently into her awareness, and she thinks back to the lamb day. The lamb had become detached from the sea of ewes and young, in a nearby field. The agony of separation and isolation barbed into its distressed cries, highlighted her own pathetic inadequacies. The poor creature was eventually calmed and soothed, as one sheep, wailing and keening in its response, emerged from the grazing hundreds, to rescue and suckle once more, the wanderer. 'The familiar!' she thinks. Two knees become four, as he crouches beside her and familiar lips brush against familiar neck whispering, 'A cigarette?'

Maureen Walsh - November 2011

And speaking of lambs.... this is one of my all-time favourite songs Someone to Watch Over Me from Ella Fizgerald. I had the great honour of performing this song with the RTE Concert Orchestra some years back.

Ciao for now!

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