Saturday, December 31, 2011



I'll raise a glass
To your execution,
As you wind your way down
Through the last stubborn ten.

Your death will be swift;
One strike and it's done;
Befitting the hero;
The battles you've won.

Defeats, you have ushered
Through frustrated finger tips,
Fault of kisses blown hellwards
Out of bruised mortals' lips.

In the shadows, your son stands
Aloft, from your breast.
And collects severed head;
In your armour he's dressed.

He'll fight with your valour
He'll roar in your truth
So sleep well gentle Father
Son's mighty in your shoes.

Maureen Walsh - December 31st 2011

See you in the New Year

Ciao for Now!


tinkwelborn said...

hardly a 'gentle' father. LOL
heroic and tragic, and well done.
a farewell to the cause & long live the cause, and the same music plays on.
thanks for sharing.

daphnia said...

Thank you for your comments T. I suppose I see Father Time as Arthurian and therefore 'might for right'. In that context 'gentle' would seem appropriate.

Taylor Boomer said...

bittersweet, smiles.

well done.

Elaine Danforth said...

A dark tale, simply woven, and with nice cadence to the language.

Isabel said...

a dark tale clevrly written

The Orange Tree said...

haunting story.
well done.