Tuesday, January 24, 2012



So there you are again
My grey-feathered friend,
Gliding, fluttering, hovering....
An all-round performer of music hall ilk.
Singer.... dancer....  acrobat,
Could you not take me with you....
If only for ten minutes,
To soar above chimney-potted roofs;
To swing on TV aerials and skinny branches;
To watch through blinking eyes of wisdom
To muse upon the boxes below
That house our fragile humanity.
An unexpected gust of Sidhe's impatience
Threatens to unnerve; unbalance 
But never uncurls the solid claw.

I might not sing as well as you,
But I might make you smile....
Smile, that is, at my willingness.
I might not dance as well as you,
But I might make you laugh....
Laugh, that is, at my pigeon toes.
I might not soar as well as you
But I might make you cry....
Cry, that is, at my helplessness.

Out of my box....
To glide.... to flutter.... to hover,
Just ten minutes.
Would it hurt to try?

Maureen Walsh - Jan 2012

I was introduced recently to the song, WILLOW performed by Beverly Sills. It is simple, soaring, and quite, quite beautiful! Whilst not Irish, the song makes me homesick for Ireland. Please click onto the link below to experience a musical gem.


Ciao for now

Sunday, January 1, 2012


My youngest daughter, Katy is flying out of London Heathrow tonight to travel around India for six weeks. She has been planning and saving like crazy for this trip for the last ten or twelve months. Sinead, a friend and herself will be working with street children in Calcutta; taking in some meditation and yoga with the monks at Varanasi; and taking a two week trek to the base camp of Everest in Nepal. She will return home for two weeks and then she's off to Vancouver in Canada on a two year visa to live and work in the music business.

We dropped Katy to Dublin airport this afternoon, and as I watched her checking in her back pack, which contained only 5 items of clothing, I saw only a little girl... well, perhaps a teenage schoolgirl. Long blond hair ...plaited; no make up, boots, scruffy khaki combats and loose, blue shirt! ('I'm going to India mum!!!' she would remind me.) Standing there floating in expectant excitement and oblivious to my watchful eye; she looked more ALIVE than I had ever seen her. A moment I shall never forget.

Dance ...Katy....dance!

Some Indian music