Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Freckled faced boy .... awkward inside his body;
Mousy-haired boy.... awkward outside his body.
They cut a trail through burnished wheat,
And together, they finally fold ....
The insider and the outsider,
In a heap of blue-soaked sweat,
Beside a copse familiar since childhood.
Through tears.... 
Looking upwards....
Looking outward....
Looking inward....
Awkward meets Awkward.

Drawing an ironic rabbit from its hat,
The Master Painter reflects his blue tranquility
Across awkward, cobalt eyes.
His sighing cohort combs through tangled youth,
Whilst prompting green tufts to wave in grey;
And birches to bristle in their silver.
As he sleeps, she kisses him .....she knows.
Through tears....
Loving upwards....
Loving outward....
Loving inward....
Beauty meets Beauty.

Maureen Walsh - March 2012

Ciao for now!

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