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In the above 1631 painting by Pietro Cortona, Anaias of Damascus is restoring the eyesight to Saul of Tarsus. Saul of Tarsus persecuted the disciples of Jesus Christ around the Jerusalem area and decided to move onto Damascus to perpetrate more of the same. However, somewhere along the road to Damascus, the resurrected Christ appeared to him in a blinding light and Saul was struck by blindness. After three days, Ananias of Damascus healed Saul's blindness and therein began Saul's conversion to Christianity. Saul changed his name to Paul and his life's path took another direction entirely. His writing about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and his missionary activities in and around the Mediterranean Basin, influenced communities to worship the God of Israel; relaxing or abandoning the Law of Moses, that had been previously relevant.

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Regional Secretary of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party

(Very telling body language!!!!)

Bashar al-Assad was not being groomed to take over from his father, President Hafez al-Assad. That was supposed to be the fate of Bashar's older brother, Bassel, who was killed unexpectedly in a car accident.
Bashar graduated from the medical school of the University of Damascus in 1988 and worked as a doctor in the Syrian army for four years before taking up postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital in London, specialising in Opthalmology. Bashar was recalled to the Syrian Army in 1994 and the rest is history. When Bashar came to power in 2000, the Syrian people nicknamed him 'The Hope'! He has reportedly stashed 1.5 billion dollars throughout Russia, Hongkong and various other tax havens to avoid possible seizure.

Asma Assad - a British citizen of Syrian descent and wife of Bashar al-Assad

There are thousands of Middle East experts across this globe of ours and I am not one of them. However, I will say that I find it incredible that Assad appears to be more concerned with Syria's foreign policy than with his own domestic policies, and yes, he wouldn't be the only world leader or political writer to say that Israel's refusal to acknowledge the state of Palestine, is unethical and against all human right-minded people. Of course, it is necessary for any nation to look outwards, but surely a government's first obligation is to its own people, in the same way a medical doctor's is to his/her patient.

Following the horrible, horrible massacre of approx 200 children in Houla last May and the massacre of hundreds of so-called rebels in Daraya over the weekend, there can be no doubt that President's Bashar al-Assad's first obligation is to himself and staying in power at all costs and by any possible means.

The irony of this is that Bashar al-Assad graduated as a medical doctor and then went onto specialise in taking care of people's eyes !!!

Perhaps he should walk along the same road towards Damascus just as St Paul did all those centuries ago, as it would appear that President Assad is obviously blinded by greed and power. Any man or woman, that does not possess a genuine LOVE for his/her people, should NEVER be allowed to hold a position of leadership or power, and should be driven out. We live in hope of peace and democracy for the Syrian people.

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