Friday, August 3, 2012



Can you not hear the ticking;
The frantic fingers clicking,
The stagnant seasons sticking,
The riddled rebels licking,
The banking blaggards tricking.....
Can you not hear?

Can you not feel the burning:
The sickened stomachs churning,
The tangled tempers turning,
The faithless fervour learning, 
The hollow heartless yearning,,,,,
Can you not feel?

Can you not see the writing:
The moistened matches lighting,
The bitter battles biting,
The lazy legals citing
The crippled churches fighting.....
Can you not see?

Can you not smell the roasting;
The rotten republic coasting,
The tinpot tipsters toasting,
The lying lectures boasting,
The missing masters ghosting......
Can you not smell?

Can you not speak the talking;
The battered billboard chalking, 
The wizened wisdom walking,
The nervous neighbour gawking
The heartfelt horror balking......
Can you not speak?

Maureen Walsh - August 2012

Ciao for now!

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