Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I'm not really a TV person, but I love movies and drama serials, such as Downton Abbey, (which, strangely enough, for its ilk, has proved to be enormously popular with the male of the human species.) Having just returned from a holiday in Crete and first day back at work, a night by the fire and a movie was just what my 'wound down too much' body and mind craved. Wasn't in the mood for blood and guts, sci-fi, horror or espionage (not my kind of thing at any time), but then I spotted Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, on the shelf of Xtravision, which is described on the cover as a light romantic comedy, starring Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt and Kirsten Scott Thomas. I decided to take a chance on the movie, purely because of Ewan McGregor, whom I would align with terrific actors such as Gene Hackman, Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Sean Penn and a handful of others, who are rarely associated with poor movie-making.

Cast of Downton Abbey

(Heading into the 3rd season of the above. Adore Maggie Smith's acerbic wit. Will be interesting to witness how the arrival of American mother-in-law, Shirley MacLaine will impact upon such a frightfully English household.)

Snuggled up in front of the fire (Ireland is cold, when you've been in glorious Cretan sunshine for a while) and armed with chocolate and coffee, I watched this delightful movie directed by Lasse Hallstrom of Chocolat and Dear John fame. It couldn't be described as an action movie or a thriller, but the film did make some very valid points about having faith in what is possible, if you want it badly enough and for the right reasons, and that many of us are afraid to move outside of what we know; perhaps helping to trap us in the groove of  living to die, rather than dying to live. At one point, we observe Ewan McGregor reaching a sexual climax on top of a very, VERY missionary-positioned wife (definitely not along for the ride!), who says to her husband, while he is still afloat on an ebbing post-coital tide, 'Well that should keep you going for a while!' This scene is perhaps typical of many marriages, that once crackled with passion, in and outside of the bedroom. Comedy is supposedly constructed on observations of life and the subject of 'bored with life and therefore with each other couples' or couples who no longer communicate their desires, hopes and dreams to each other, provides vast supplies of rich fertile fodder for comedians. Nonetheless, no matter how often we hear that song, it is a sad and poignant one! Having said that, I laughed  often and thoroughly enjoyed the story-line, the performances and the cinematography.

Apparently, since this movie was released, the Yemen tourist board has been inundated with inquiries about salmon fishing. In reality, sea fishing is much more popular than salmon fishing in the Yemen.

Whether it is or is n't popular, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a breath of fresh air, and for me, at least....thought-provoking.

A short blog, but just wanted to share a lovely experience. Crete Part II next!. Off writing this weekend on a FAIRY FORT farm. Looking for inspiration in Borrisoleigh. Should be fun.

Ciao for now!

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