Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Smear on the green
And toss on the wig.
The witches are flying
On spoons made of twigs....

Set fire to the pile
Collected for weeks.
The goblins are skulking 
Neath floorboards that creak....

Light up the lanterns
Dressed in last year's wax.
The spiders are crawling 
Through crevice and crack....

Give a face to the pumpkin
Squint eyes and it breathes. 
The phantoms are feeding
On beetles and leaves....

The fire has died down now
For eyes filled with sand.
The fairies are dancing
In children's small hands.....

Maureen Walsh - October 31st 2012


A piece of music especially for Halloween:  Danse Macabre composed by French composer Saint Saens in 1874. Beautiful recording!


Ciao for now

Friday, October 26, 2012



Forget what Fifi says!
Not for one second 
Does your bum look big in this April,
You know she's only jealous.
She's looking at your completeness
You...... didn't submit April;
You didn't surrender to your fancies.
Let's face it, she's in bits now;
Heart open.....
Soul, laid bare.
She is dying slowly, yet surely,
Before she has truly loved.
And to what end?
For a whisper
Of relish and sweet;
For a smile 
Of roses and wine.
Be kind April.... she fades.
Encourage final flourish....
Her swan song in Venice,
Then muted by must.

April.....yes of course,
I could devour you!

Maureen Walsh - October 2012
(A little light relief)

Have been listening to the music of Gustav Mahler lately. Adore this piece that was used in the film Death in Venice, made in 1971, starring Dirk Bogarde and directed by Luchino Visconti, based on the novella Der Tod in Venedig written by German author Thomas Mann in 1912. It is called Adagietto, the exquisitely beautiful slow movement of his Fifth Symphony (1901) performed here by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Herbert Von Karajan.

Ciao for now!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


So...Fifty Shades of Grey!!! I was packing food into carrier bags at a supermarket in the UK, as a rather flustered, but cheerful cashier said to me in a giggly schoolgirl voice, 'I bet you were hoping to get your hands on that book, but it was swept off the shelves again after only 30 minutes!' She did mention the name of it, but I didn't catch it....Fifty Shades of Grey. But as the weeks passed, it seemed that every woman I met was talking about this book and men were self-consciously, but good-humouredly, cracking jokes about it. Anyway, I finally succumbed during a ferry crossing to the UK. I sat at a table looking out across the Irish Sea and noticed that two other women were reading the same book at the next table.

Yes, I gave into peer pressure, I'm afraid. In fairness, it is difficult not to feel curious about something that seems to have captured so many imaginations. I began to read, and trawled through the first fifty pages or so; as far as the first steaming sexual encounter, but I have to admit that I haven't re-visited it since. Actually, dare I say, I was bored. However, a friend, who stayed over last weekend, told me that she has read each book from the trilogy SEVEN times; that they're not just about SEX; they actually have a real story to tell. Her husband maintained, with a wide toothy grin, that 50 Shades has given her a new lease of life.

I guess I should go back and try again, but quite frankly I would much rather take Richard Strauss' (1864-1949) Beim Schlafengehen (trans. Going to Bed), to bed with me! Sheer ecstasy !!!

Please check out the recording below: Gundula Janowitz, perhaps the greatest singer of Strauss' Vier Letze Lieder.