Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Smear on the green
And toss on the wig.
The witches are flying
On spoons made of twigs....

Set fire to the pile
Collected for weeks.
The goblins are skulking 
Neath floorboards that creak....

Light up the lanterns
Dressed in last year's wax.
The spiders are crawling 
Through crevice and crack....

Give a face to the pumpkin
Squint eyes and it breathes. 
The phantoms are feeding
On beetles and leaves....

The fire has died down now
For eyes filled with sand.
The fairies are dancing
In children's small hands.....

Maureen Walsh - October 31st 2012


A piece of music especially for Halloween:  Danse Macabre composed by French composer Saint Saens in 1874. Beautiful recording!


Ciao for now

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Anonymous said...

Love the poem and the music. Keep writing.