Saturday, December 22, 2012


Christmas officially started for me today. My daughters, who flew in from London and Vancouver, Canada during the week joined myself and the youngsters from my group Class Act Theatre Productions to sing Christmas carols on the Main Street in Tipperary town for the Donkey Sanctuary in Liscarroll, Co. Cork. My talented bunch, who finished a run of ANNIE the Broadway Musical two weeks ago stopped passing cars, vans and trucks with their enthusiastic singing and expectant faces. Horns were blasting and drivers dug generously into their pockets to give, as the lights were on red. The children got a real buzz from that. The joy of singing Christmas carols was contagious as mums and grandmothers opted to stay, as did other passing Christmas people, who couldn't resist the temptation to burst into song.

There's something about singing carols at Christmas that is so uplifting, but when children are added to that mixture, we have snow on the Christmas tree; red berry on the holly, icing sugar on the mince pies, brandy on the Christmas pudding and baby Jesus in the manger. However, I do get slightly miffed when I hear people say that Christmas is really only a time for children. Of course to see the innocence of their little faces as they look out of the window in search of Santa and his reindeer before climbing into bed on Christmas Eve is pure magic, but surely Christmas is a time for the child that lives in the heart of us all no matter how many years we have lived or how many roads we have travelled. 

AND my Christmas cake has gone into the oven and should be ready around 4 am., and as my girls have gone partying and I'm taxi-driver whenever my phone rings, everything has worked out rather nicely. It has also given me an excuse to sit down and blog. I know, its late in the day to be throwing the cake into the oven, and my REAL cake buff friends are horrified and tell me that it needs weeks....months to mature and season. EVERY year I say I am going to be more organized and bake the cake in September, almond paste it in November, then ice it a few days before Christmas, but for some reason it never ever happens in spite of  all my best intentions. Shucks, I will be icing it on Christmas morning as usual. Maybe that should be one of my New Year resolutions. Having said that, and on my own behalf (one has to do that now and then), it seems to delight my gorging gang!

Ah well time to check on the cake and dip into the Quality Street for the chocolate caramels. Then I'll put the finishing touches to the wreath for the front door!! Still wishing it would snow though, or at least, that Jack Frost would pay us a visit!

Ciao for now!

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