Thursday, January 17, 2013


....Or at least that's how it might  feel to some at the moment. I know that if every person on this planet raised their own personal frequency and lived in joy and gratitude, this world would be a much better, happier place, but try saying that to someone who's just lost their job; their home; seen their personal pension plans almost wiped out; or the elderly, who have just seen a 50% cut in their panic alarm package; down from 2.45 million to 1.15 million euros.Yes I am very grateful that I have two healthy children; some work and that my husband still has a job; that we have a roof over our heads; food to eat and a car to get from A to B, but I still worry about those who have not and find myself becoming increasingly irritated by empty rhetoric; an almost 'I'm alright Jack' attitude with attempts at every opportunity to shift responsibility and blame! Stop the blame game now.  It is time to get moving and of course mistakes are going to be made, but we must always try to think outside of ourselves and our own little box!

I was introduced to this powerhouse of a man....Charles Bradley singing this song, The World is going up in Flames over Christmas., and was immediately transported back to the great old days of Tamla Motown. Charles Bradley.....what a voice; what a face, what a story-teller! His life is etched into its every line, stitched into every movement of his searching eyes and colours every note of music that gushes from his soul.....gut-wrenching stuff of the deepest sadness!

Like the song from South Pacific, I am a cock-eyed optimist and I refuse to believe that the world is going up in flames, even though there are people all over this planet trying to make some sense of lives, that are filled with desperate hardship. Our history books and our philosophers tell us, that this has always been the case......human nature being what it is....its neediness and its greediness.... but that is not a reason to throw in the towel or an excuse to stop trying to help and striving for change!

Ciao for now!.

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