Saturday, February 23, 2013


Unfortunately, I wasn't available to celebrate St. Valentine's Day this year.....YET.....!!!! Started thinking about what really pleases ME; what kind of ambience do I find irresistible and where would I want to spend St Valentine's Night if I could transport myself anywhere. Do I really want to share a meal in an expensive Italian restaurant, where, if you are lucky, there might be a Frank Sinatra CD playing in the background. Do I really want to be privy to witty conversations that might stray irritatingly towards an unintentional, but awkward silence. Do I want my nostrils to be ambushed by an onslaught of Boss or CK aftershave. Do I want to have to feign appreciation of carbon-monoxidized flowers that were grabbed on the way home along with the petrol.

Let's just keep it simple please. A cottage by a roaring ocean, a fire.....and A VOICE....the ultimate seducer and aphrodisiac!

Two incredibly beautiful voices of poet John Fuller and tenor Luciano Pavarotti.......

Ciao for now!

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