Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hooray....Spring and Summer have finally arrived, and in tandem. Thank God, the greys and browns of almost twelve months of the most dreadful weather I can remember, have been annihilated and crowned with the most glorious lime greens, effervescent yellows and pale blues. It's not that we haven't had some really cold winters in recent years, but somehow there was more light. As I grow older, I find myself craving for, and needing more light. I actually believe that even our dog, Buffy was depressed during those endless weeks and months of grey oppression . Our field behind the garden was like a mud bath for months and months and it was no fun for the horses, or for us, as wellies and wheelbarrow got stuck in the swamp. The field is dry and dusty now; the horses are losing their winter coats; and the wheelbarrow is nearly pushing itself...much easier on the back. Buffy is leaving her bed of depression inside to follow the sun as it creeps from one end of the garden to the other. I have a theory that the over-abundance of rain, that lodged on the surface of the ground, because it had nowhere to go, might possibly have stagnated, and subsequently polluted the atmosphere, thereby causing more winter viruses than normal. Crazy perhaps, but maybe not! Worms were also drowning apparently, which would create quite serious problems for the soil and our birds.

The swallows returned two weeks ago, to begin the refurbishment of last years' nests. I love all birds, but feel incredibly honoured that these birds, who have flown thousands of miles, feel comfortable and safe enough to return to us year after year. Surprisingly, we have heard chicks screeching already, which seems quite remarkably fast and furious. Imagine....renovation; sex; gestation; birth, and then solids, and all in the space of two weeks. It is quite wonderful to sit out in the garden on a lovely afternoon, as birds fly over and past you, as if, you weren't there at all.

Within days, there are leaves and blossoms on the trees; fields, filled with dandelions, buttercups and daisies. Quite often, over the last few months, I found myself asking what month are we in, because it seemed like one long season of nothingness. Now, and quite instantly, it feels like May, and fingers-crossed, the start of a long, warm Summer, with the prospect of long days of living outdoors.

After almost eight years of pondering and tripping up, I finally took the plunge, and had corrective surgery performed on both eyes over the last two consecutive weeks.  I can now read without glasses, but my long vision is still foggy and watching TV is hilarious.....a sleuth's game of guessing for the most part. I haven't been able to wear any eye make-up, which, for me, is akin to going out naked. At first, I didn't recognize the face that looked back at me from within the mirror, but increasingly, I find myself becoming rather accustomed to this new bare look. I do have faith that all will be fine in another wee while; that I will be able to see things like road signs again; that I will be able to tell the difference between a man and a woman again; all those minor little bits of life's business!

Summer is here and I shall be able to see and share all of her beauty before very long, and without my glasses.

Better late than never!

Ciao for now!