Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mná na hÉireann and Sharing.

Watched Silver Linings again tonight with Emma and her partner, Johannes, and, they loved it. I was thrilled, of course, and thoroughly enjoyed the debate that ensued re. direction, content, script and performances.

This evening, on my way home from Tipperary town, I listened to a radio program about Irish folk music and its historical context.. This session, one of a 6/8 week series, concentrated upon Irish heroines, and the lack of folk songs written for them. I didn't catch the complete program, but I did hear Frances Black singing a verse of The Magdalene Sisters (pictured above. Each and every one a heroine! Will return to this subject in the not too distant future). Following that, I heard a piece of music that sounded very familiar, but I had never heard it complete with lyrics before. The voice also sounded familiar, and did think it sounded like Kate Bush. A verse or so later, the radio broadcaster informed that it was indeed Kate Bush and the song was Mná na hÉireann (Women of Ireland). I was overwhelmed by the beauty of both the singing and the song. When I arrived home, I couldn't wait to share this with Emma; so 'YouTubed' it and the kitchen was overtaken by goose-pimples. Peadar Ó Doirín's (1704-1796) poem, which belongs to the genre that imagines Ireland as a generous, beautiful woman suffering the depredations of an English master on her land, her cattle, or her self, and which demands Irish men to defend her, or ponders why they fail to, is set to an air composed by Séan Ó Riada (1931-1971).

Something very special about sharing something that moves you so much. Kate Bush's performance of this song is stunning and to think I almost missed it!

 Ciao for now!

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