Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Well the cast came off my left wrist today after 6 and a half weeks of not only being able to swim or get up to my normal aquatic antics during my two week sun holiday, type, wash or brush my hair properly, or unscrew jars etc etc., but the worst thing of all was that I wasn't able to THINK either. I'm typing again but with some pain and discomfort, but after all that it looks as if the tendon to my thumb, which is sort of hanging, has been ruptured, and according to the doctor today, will more than likely require an operation to sort it out. I got back to my car, lit a cigarette and sat there for at least twenty minutes with rain slashing the windscreen.....and cried. It was the 'THINKING' I was in mourning for. I have been at sixes and sevens for weeks and being born in the Chinese Year of the Horse, I was chomping at the bit to get back on track, Breaking a couple of bones in my foot about 10 years ago had been strangely less invasive. So what is going on?

I tried to give myself a kick in the ass while I sat there with the wipers on, by telling myself  I was being ridiculous but the tears came anyway. I eventually switched on the engine and drove home, deciding that a walk in the rain would probably provide the right medicine. As I drove, I thought again about the poor victims of Ebola. They have been very much on my mind over the last while and I can't help thinking that there is so much talk about keeping the killer disease out of OUR space, OUR lives, but very little talk about the individual suffering of the poor people that have contracted it. I listened to a representative from the Charity GOAL on RTE radio yesterday, who said they are looking for medical and logistical volunteers to help with the chaos in the affected parts of Africa and wished I wasn't so damn scared. If everyone was scared, nothing would ever happen to help these poor people. This makes me feel ashamed and guilty.

I might have to have an operation to fix my wrist and my thumb, but I haven't got Ebola.

I'm one of the lucky ones!

ciao for now

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