Friday, October 17, 2014


That time of year again....memories of Kenneth Grahame's wonderful book, Wind in the Willows. Autumn.... a time for winds and rain; a time for our animal friends to scurry here and there foraging for fruit and nuts in readiness for the long winter's sleep; a time for pruning back shrubs and trees, so they too can rest.



It is time for Autumn winds to have their say
And for us to heed their call for change,

Autumn pays a visit to the curtseying willow tree
Where once they lay together on a veil of love and leaves.
Autumn's come a-calling to the sturdy Irish Lime
Where once he vowed to love her til the very end of time.

Curl up now and sleep my wee one,
Don't wake up til the Winter's gone.

Did you ever catch the cackle of a witch upon the wind?
Or glimpse her pointed features, painted yellow on the moon?

An acorn given to another....
A promise of unerring love.

Maureen Walsh - October 2014

 Glorious Autumn....I love it....a time to celebrate nature's be cozy and warm.

And speaking of Autumn, willows and love, please listen to this wonderful recording from 1962 of American soprano Beverly Sills singing The Willow Song from Baby Doe. 

Ciao for now!

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Emma Walsh said...

Just love the poem!!!