Thursday, November 27, 2014



I built my house beside your wood
So that I could hear you sing.
Think of that song's delight at dawn
That thrilled again as darkness fell
But still I should have cherished more 
The beauty of that song and you.

So now my house in silence stands
And separate we, three thousand miles.
Another soul out of tune with yours
Has built their hut beside new wood.
But might you forgive, return once more
I'd learn how to sing the songs you sing.

Maureen Walsh - November 2014

Ciao for now!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I have never felt so disenchanted by any government....ever! What has been happening in this country over the last few months is an absolute disgrace. This is a Government that is completely and utterly out of touch with the people it is supposed to represent. I would have thought that after the hammering it got in the local and European elections, it might have seen the light, but sadly it has not. There has been one fiasco after another, after another. The water charges was just the last straw. I think most people, if they are honest, realize that there has to be a charge for replacing, repairing and maintaining an efficient and clean water supply. There has been so much confusion around costs to households, call-out charges and even worse, quite unforgivable bullying and scare-mongering tactics not only from the bosses of Irish Water, but also from the Taoiseach himself.

Following a protest on one of the year's wettest days involving 150,000 people, the like of which has not been seen on Irish streets since the formation of this State, Mr Kenny said that if we didn't pay these water charges (whatever they were, because no one seemed to know, including Irish Water), then our taxes would have to be hiked up by 4%. So Mr Kenny decided he'd pluck a figure out of thin air, to fire at the people who are keeping him and the rest of his cronies in the luxury to which they have become accustomed; to the people who paid for the bank bail-out, only to be treated like dirt by those very same banks; those banks that are still throwing their weight around without any recourse or challenge from this Government,

So where does the Labour Party stand in the middle of all this chaos....the medical card fiasco, the Department of Justice shambles, the McNulty affair, the NPPR savagery, the property tax issue, and the final fatal attack of the water charges. When Joan Burton was elected as the new leader of the party and Alan Kelly, the deputy leader, I thought we might at last hear a Labour voice standing up to the Fine Gael Party and saying NO MORE. Sadly, that has not happened. We heard some mutterings from both of them AFTER the last water charges protest, but I'm sorry to say, that came a little too late for most Labour voters. If we'd seen or heard Joan Burton, Alan Kelly, Alex White or any other member of the Labour front bench, standing up in the Dail and saying STOP six weeks ago, we might now be saying well at least they tried, instead we are left with the thought that this was merely a cynical attempt to save their seats at the next General Election. To start blaming Phil Hogan, who has been moved to Europe on a salary in excess of 300,000 euros is nonsense. They all knew the plan was hopelessly flawed, but were hoping somehow that the people of this country were asleep. This Government is not only arrogant, uncaring, but given they did not heed the message of the people during the thrashing they received in the local and European Elections, they are also embarrassingly stupid.

Yes this Government did work very hard to pull us out of a European bail-out, but somewhere along the line, they began to believe in their own omnipotence; forgetting that ultimately they are accountable to the people; a lesson, that Brian Cowen and his merry band of men had to learn to their chagrin not so long ago. A Labour person all my life, I am sick and tired of Labour Party people blaming the propaganda machine of Sinn Fein for their demise. The Labour Party needs to get its own act together.  It needs to go back to its roots and restructure accordingly and then FIGHT.

In the meantime, how can this Government condone bonuses for already well-paid workers who have not even begun to provide a service to the people of this country yet, and by the same token have not given one cent to support the invaluable services that CHILDLINE provides, CHILDLINE will have to curtail their 24 hour service after Christmas if they cannot raise the 3.5 million euros that it takes to run the service for 12 months. Some children are living in chaos and hell and feel they have no one to talk to and that no one believes them. CHILDLINE volunteers listen to these children without passing judgment and with complete anonymity. How can you put up a CLOSED SIGN on the door to a child who is in danger and in trouble. That's like saying, 'Sorry kids you're on your own....tough, sort it yourself!' The situation is appalling. How can we say that we value our children in this country? How can we take the high moral ground on abortion, when we won't even take care of the children that find themselves in the most desperate circumstances in the here and now, through no fault of theirs. There is something rotten in the State of Irish governance!

Finally, I'm all for peaceful protest, and now we've got a taste for it, let us also protest for something that doesn't just affect our pursestrings. We need to make our voices heard in support of the young, the elderly, and all other vulnerable sectors within our society.

Please donate to CHILDLINE by text to 57911 or check out www,

ciao for now!

Friday, November 14, 2014



Take in a deep breath
And smell.....
Smell the must
The must do things....
Must clean the house
Must send that email
Must wash the car
Must get the flu jab
Must dye the hair
Must prune the shrubs
Must pay the phone bill
Must do the shopping
Must cook that fab curry
Must go on a diet
Must buy the latest phone
Must grab the free booze
Must work all God's hours,

Musts are smelling musty.
Un-must the musts
And trust.....
Trust the true musts....

The must to fight for right
The must to reach out
The must to live and love

Maureen Walsh - November 2014

Ciao for now!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

MERCURY, MOON.....MYSELF Mercury has been in retrograde and that just might explain why so many people including myself have found ourselves caught up in a 'Kansas twister'; following a 'Yellowbrick Road' to 'Oz' only to arrive at a crossroads, and then, not unlike the Scarecrow from the much-loved film The Wizard of Oz, not knowing whether we should go left or right, that is assuming we know our left from our right in the first place. Of course there are many, as is to be expected in a world of 'seeing is believing', who give no credence whatsoever to the possibility that planets may exert an influence upon the human psyche and well-being. Whilst I  have absolutely no hankering to become an astronaut or indeed spend a part of any lottery win to book a flight to Mars, I am extremely fortunate to live in a place, where star-gazing is effortlessly breathtaking. I travelled to Lahinch last Bank Holiday Monday and as I walked barefoot along the beach through the shallows, I thought about the Moon and its influence upon the tides, and an image of the Moon lashing the Ocean into submission with an enormous whip, flooded into my mind.

Crossroads should be a piece of cake, if we know where we are heading to. Problem is we might be heading for that place, because we have to or should; rather than because we want to. Making decisions and, in particular, the selfish ones, can be more difficult for some than others and perhaps even more so in cases, whereupon too much responsibility was foisted at a very young age and then, having been whipped into shape, it becomes a way of life. When we think about doing something that is for us, we talk about it in terms of giving ourselves a little if we need to qualify our being kind to ourselves. Crazy stuff really.

As crazy as the image of the Moon whipping the tide. And don't even start me about the crazy, that is the water charges shambles here in Ireland....that's for the next blog.

Now 'a little treat' for MYSELF and of course, I hope for you the reader. Especially for those of us who love 'Moon-talking'....Claude Debussy's beautiful Clair de Lune.

Santa....I would like an alarm clock that plays this piece of music please. Just imagine waking up to this piece of music every morning.....

Ciao for now!