Sunday, November 9, 2014

MERCURY, MOON.....MYSELF Mercury has been in retrograde and that just might explain why so many people including myself have found ourselves caught up in a 'Kansas twister'; following a 'Yellowbrick Road' to 'Oz' only to arrive at a crossroads, and then, not unlike the Scarecrow from the much-loved film The Wizard of Oz, not knowing whether we should go left or right, that is assuming we know our left from our right in the first place. Of course there are many, as is to be expected in a world of 'seeing is believing', who give no credence whatsoever to the possibility that planets may exert an influence upon the human psyche and well-being. Whilst I  have absolutely no hankering to become an astronaut or indeed spend a part of any lottery win to book a flight to Mars, I am extremely fortunate to live in a place, where star-gazing is effortlessly breathtaking. I travelled to Lahinch last Bank Holiday Monday and as I walked barefoot along the beach through the shallows, I thought about the Moon and its influence upon the tides, and an image of the Moon lashing the Ocean into submission with an enormous whip, flooded into my mind.

Crossroads should be a piece of cake, if we know where we are heading to. Problem is we might be heading for that place, because we have to or should; rather than because we want to. Making decisions and, in particular, the selfish ones, can be more difficult for some than others and perhaps even more so in cases, whereupon too much responsibility was foisted at a very young age and then, having been whipped into shape, it becomes a way of life. When we think about doing something that is for us, we talk about it in terms of giving ourselves a little if we need to qualify our being kind to ourselves. Crazy stuff really.

As crazy as the image of the Moon whipping the tide. And don't even start me about the crazy, that is the water charges shambles here in Ireland....that's for the next blog.

Now 'a little treat' for MYSELF and of course, I hope for you the reader. Especially for those of us who love 'Moon-talking'....Claude Debussy's beautiful Clair de Lune.

Santa....I would like an alarm clock that plays this piece of music please. Just imagine waking up to this piece of music every morning.....

Ciao for now!

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