Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Wishing all my lovely family and friends a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful and Prosperous 2015


Wipe your feet and just walk in
Everything's where it's always been.
Flames in the hearth, candles lit,
Pull over the chair where you always sit.

Take off your shoes, warm your toes,
There's love in your heart, the sparkle shows.
Making a wish as you close your eyes,
May it come true by early sunrise!

Maureen Walsh December 24th 2010 ©

Some Music for Christmas

Luther Vandross wishing us all a Merry Little Christmas

And one of my very very favourite recent old school pieces of the moment. Such feel good funky music to help get rid of the Christmas pud!

And last but not least a piece of music that I heard for the first time last January at the funeral of a very dear friend of mine, Nora, who was one of the most beautiful, funniest and bravest women that I had the good fortune to know. Was introduced to this version of Joni Mitchell singing her own song as a more mature woman in July and have been moved to tears several times listening to it since then. 'I could drink a case of you.....' Great great lyrics! 

ciao for now! 

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Emma Walsh said...

Love this poem!